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713 8d 21h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Disable the RELEASE status flag  
712 8d 21h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Fix code typo  
711 8d 21h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Reword explanations and update check  
710 8d 21h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Terminal capabilities checks improvements  
709 8d 22h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Fix blank frame evasion command  
708 8d 22h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Update changelog for trunk  
707 742d 12h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Fix wrong error message  
691 904d 00h toni /video-contact-sheet/tags/1.13.4/ TAG: 1.13.4  
690 904d 00h toni /video-contact-sheet/tags/1.13.4-pre.2/ TAG: 1.13.4-pre.2  
689 904d 00h toni /video-contact-sheet/tags/1.13.4-pre.1/ TAG: 1.13.4-pre.1  
688 904d 08h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Prepare for 1.13.4 release  
687 904d 08h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/ Ignore error on unsigned RPM  
686 905d 07h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Fixed #373: Number of columns is ignored  
685 1110d 09h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/debian/source/ Defined debian source format as 3.0 quilt  
684 1110d 09h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Corrected tarball compression rules  
683 1110d 09h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/ Allow any kind of compression for the tarball  
682 1110d 09h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/ Replace bz2 with xz in dist  
681 1110d 09h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/ Add SRPM to make dist  
680 1176d 19h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Fix #365  
679 1176d 19h toni /video-contact-sheet/trunk/dist/ Bump version and copyright years  

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