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665 1821d 02h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2-pre.3+early_color/dist/ Allow disabling colourised output altogether  
664 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2-pre.3+early_color/ BRANCH 1.13.2-pre.3 for missing patch  
663 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/ Remove TAG 1.13.3-pre.2  
661 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.3-pre.2/dist/ Bumped pre-release version  
660 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.3-pre.2/ BRANCH 1.13.3-pre.2 (retrofitted from trunk @ r634)  
659 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/ Remove aborted BRANCH 1.13.3-pre.2  
658 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.3-pre.2/ BRANCH 1.13.3-pre.2 (to retrofit)  
657 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/ Remove BRANCH 1.13.3-pre.1  
655 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.3-pre.1/dist/ Fix wrong media info box  
654 1821d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.3-pre.1/ BRANCH 1.13.3-pre.1 (to retro-fit)  
584 2922d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/ Remove BRANCH 1.13.2  
582 2922d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/ Makefile: Avoid warning about original tarball  
581 2922d 03h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/dist/ Mark for release  
580 2922d 04h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/dist/ Updated changelogs for release  
578 2924d 05h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/dist/ Fix bug when dealing with files with quotes (only visible in pre-releases)  
576 2926d 05h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/dist/ Fix excessive capture with mplayer  
575 2926d 06h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.2/ BRANCH 1.13.2  
574 3003d 17h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/ Remove BRANCH 1.13.1  
571 3003d 18h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.1/dist/ Updated changelogs dates  
569 3004d 18h toni /video-contact-sheet/branches/1.13.1/dist/ Fix unquoted grep pattern
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